What are the toe foams used for?

The toe foams are a variety of tubular foam products which are commonly utilized by foot doctors for a variety of issues which can affect the big and lesser toes. These foams are manufactured from a polyurethane foam fashioned into a tube form which has a cloth fabric support internally. These foams normally come in a bigger size to enable them to be cut into the size that’s required. In addition they typically are available in several diameter sizing’s so that they can be equalled with the dimensions of the toe that it’s needed for. In addition they are available in just one thickness round the overall diameter of the foam as well as a double thickness one that offers a double thickness of foam on one edge. All these foams do appear to be somewhat big, and issues are often raised about how precisely it will accomodate the toe then put the foot into the shoe. Whilst the toe foams are bulky, they are soft and can compress down considerably, so will allow the foot to fit inside the footwear. Unfortunately, because of the softer characteristics of these, they can deteriorate and do need to be replaced every now and then. There are actually less bulky options to the toe foams such as the silicon tube pads, but the advantages which the toe foams have got is that they can breath and enable the air to flow in between the toes, that has hygiene effects. Using the silicon style of pads, they don’t really allow that air to pass.

They are frequently used, for example, after a corn in between the toes may be debrided by a foot doctor. A corn between the toes is usually caused by an excessive amount of pressure between your toes, possibly from wearing footwear that happen to be too tight. This elevated pressure leads to the epidermis to become thicker and the corn occurs. A foot doctor is often pretty good at eliminating the corn, however, if the pressure that causes this corn to begin with (ie the restricted shoes) remain, then there is a strong possibility that the corn will almost certainly return. One technique to help this is to use one of the toe foams about one of the toes and that should assist with the pressure in between the toes. The double thickness variations are usually employed here with all the double thickness going between the toes. These types of toe foams will also be really efficient for blisters. Blisters are caused by rubbing, therefore will occur around the toes with friction in between the shoe and the toe. If the toe is surrounded by a toe foam, then the foam could soak up that friction and it is not moved to the epidermis. This is often useful in treating as well as stopping blisters about the toes. These foams may also be beneficial with hygiene issues between the toes, especially with the accumulation of things similar to toe jam. The toe foam can spread the toes and let air to pass and in addition they could also help absorb the build up of dampness preventing its accumulation.

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